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Full Version: one 2011 Topps Chrome Blaster and .....
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one saweet hit Smile

[Image: 100_5038.jpg]

our best Blaster hit ever Smile
Pretty nice hit! He's all Dallas has right now! If he goes for another 200 today those will be selling for double BV!
Great hit!!
Ebay GOLD! LOL. Nice hit Beans.
Amazing blaster hit, bud! I bought a blaster, too. Not quite as good but still happy with it. Topps is really loading their retail products lately!
Nice hit! Did you happen to get any Cams or Bengals?
thanks everyone ..... we were pretty stoked when we pulled it Smile
awsome hit
Wow!! Congrats!! Sick hit
Great card!!! Congrats pbean and jr Big Grin
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