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Full Version: 2 nice boxes of 2011 Chrome
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First refractors, left a few out.
[Image: Image-6.jpg]
Jackson, Revis, Lewis /139, Schaub, Garcon /199, Wallace /299, Pettis /25.
Notable inserts, a Newton Sepia rc and base:
[Image: Image2-2.jpg]
Newton sepia /99
The autos:
[Image: Image3-2.jpg]
Two boxes, two refractor autos! Gabbert is #4/5!
I did this when I saw the Gabbert
[Image: 144891.jpg]
Nice thats your second Gabbert in as many weeks isn't it?
(10-29-2011, 12:35 PM)kennycooks Wrote: [ -> ]Nice thats your second Gabbert in as many weeks isn't it?
It is! I bought PILES of boxes in 07 and 08, never got any of the big name rookies. The 2011 stuff has been nice to me.
Bosocs is smoking through the Chrome, I was there right after they got it, and I think there's only about 5-6 boxes left from like two cases.
Awesome Gabbert....wish Sanzy were in that product...
Great boxes Gonzo that Gabbert is awesome
Nice cards Hardy, congrats Smile
Thanks everyone! I'm about to send you a message T Smile
Sick Gabbert....if any of the #ed refrators are available, feel free to check me. Especially the Wallace
pretty SICK Gabbert...
Smile would the Newtons be for trade? congrats!!
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