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Full Version: trade scans-updated
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ft-looking for something new
will check buckets
'04 sweet spot jose reyes gu (working on a scan)
[Image: zimmudjersey.jpg],[Image: sogardtcauto.jpg],[Image: dejesusauto.jpg],[Image: kilaletterauto.jpg]
[Image: hicksauto.jpg],[Image: longoaggu.jpg],[Image: fieldertoppsgu.jpg],[Image: gonzospectrumgu.jpg]
[Image: heltonspxgu.jpg],[Image: sosabenchmarks.jpg],[Image: rollinsgu.jpg]
[Image: teixieragu.jpg],[Image: ethierAGgu.jpg],[Image: sorianogu.jpg],[Image: gwynnsweetspotgu.jpg]
[Image: wangspectrumgu.jpg],[Image: ccsabathiaspectrumgu.jpg],[Image: posadayslgu.jpg]
[Image: fielderaggu-1.jpg],[Image: cansecogu.jpg],[Image: abreuspxgu.jpg],[Image: knobbygu.jpg],[Image: berkmangameface.jpg]
[Image: clemensnomohudson.jpg],[Image: dicekgu.jpg]
[Image: mulveypatch.jpg], [Image: howardasstitchgu.jpg],[Image: matsuipatchthingy.jpg], [Image: hafnerartifactsgu.jpg],[Image: fielderagbat.jpg],[Image: pedrobowsterrefjers.jpg]
[Image: hafnerbat.jpg]
check me for the hicks auto
(10-28-2011, 09:00 PM)BCBASEBALL12 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the hicks auto
hicks and gregor blanco autos
wimmers auto and perkins btl auto????
check me for all your patch organize is being redone so if you need anything just ask i may have it...Thanks
check me for the sosa
i would love to trade for your pujols game used if you can find something?
yankeempire-offer sent

racrush-sorry didn't see anything

elberson-sorry i'm a little low on the pujols stuff right now
comment sent on trades page
update-patches and cubs gu's are gone
check me for the Hafner items.
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