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Full Version: Question about a '69 Topps Mantle
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I just received this card. It's super thin. Are all the '69 Topps pretty thin? Everything else about it looks great. With the card being so thin, I am worried it's not authentic. Most vintage I have has thick card stock. this is my first '69 though. Thanks in advance.
Very likely its a magazine reprint.
(10-27-2011, 07:25 PM)radarblip Wrote: [ -> ]Very likely its a magazine reprint.
How can I tell if it's a magazine reprint? I'll try to post some pics.
Here's front and back pics.

[Image: d3b05bb3.jpg]
[Image: 23b91a95.jpg]
An issued 69 card should be on Grey Brown cardboard stock I believe.
I've got that card and it looks spot on to me. I'll post scans in a bit. The '69s are a bit thin.
The more I compare, the more I think it's good. Thanks for the insight. It's in great shape. Do you it would grade well?
My opinion, maybe a 5 to 5.5.

Here's mine. I don't have a back scan handy but I know it has a white background like yours.

Edit: I checked it, the back is just like yours.

Glad I was mistaken on this, Great cads guys!
Looks legit to me