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Full Version: 2011 Threads and Absolute bazinga!
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Going to hang on to Absolute for now the Threads are up for trade.
Novacek unnumbered Ridley /360 Locker /299 and could've pulled the Mendy last week /99

[Image: boxbreaks.jpg]

The rookies /399 the Rodgers /50 the Helu auto /25 the Little /299 Plunkett /25

[Image: boxbreaks1.jpg]

and this bad chicken #/5

[Image: boxbreaks2.jpg]
You killed that absolute! Congrats!
Holy cow Jeff!!! Sweet Absolute box!

Another nice Mendy patch from that set too. Congrats!
All 4 of the absolute hits where very nice congrats on that mallett if you decide to trade it lmk I am starting a pc of him
Lovin the plunkett if you ever decide to sell or trade let me know please. And really hard to find anything to complain about in those boxes
Can you check me for the Mendy...thank you
I need the G Little!
I would say that you had one of the better boxes of Absolute that i have seen.
OMG I want that Mallett!
r23b, rw34, kenny thanks I pulled the mallett first in the absolute and thought it was going to be down hill from there then pulled the plunkett and was very happy with the box

lump mcleo when I figure out what I'm doing with the cards you guys be the first ones I'll check

ftball trade offer sent

philly in az I didn't see anything right now
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