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Full Version: wcdino685(K.PoPs) Texas Longhorns Collection
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Ok, I figured I should get a thread going with my collection i am sure there is a certain lady that will like this thread out there.

Here are some Highleights of the PC I cant post all of them since there are to many but here are a few Favs. If you wish to browse the rest here is the link

My Fav(Pack Pulled /99)
[Image: SFVSDFSVD.jpg]
[Image: rtherthsryjnry.jpg]

[Image: RFGADRGAERG.jpg]

[Image: BlpYvgwWkKGrHqMOKjcEs5lEMS-0BLceRBZ.jpg]

[Image: vnbvnbvnbv.jpg]

[Image: 32352342342.jpg]

and the UT Rainbow 2008 leaf limited Limas Sweed and Jamaal Charles
[Image: 001.jpg]

Here are some Recent additions I need to crop with PS and put in the bucket.
[Image: scan0010-1.jpg]
[Image: scan0011-1.jpg]
[Image: scan0014.jpg]
[Image: scan0015.jpg]
I love this, now we are talking!! That triple auto is off the charts!!! Smile Nice man!
Wow! Some monster cards there! Love the Limited Jammal Charles and Limas Sweed 1/1's. The patches on them are very cool.
[Image: Heart.png] [Image: Heart.png]

Love them all! But you already knew that! Wink
oh no, another one...Smile cool cards for sure... love the triple...
NICE! The super scripts is my fav. I have a miami hurricane one. But that benson has an auto or something on the jersey piece too! bonus!
Thanks guys...and Gals [Image: biggrin.gif], I'm really looking forward to the Upper Deck UT set that comes out in Nov.
I love that Big 12 patch. I wish I could find an SEC one, but awesome collection you have
Sick, sick cards man, i cant wait for those Longhorn boxes as well!
(10-19-2011, 01:52 AM)jncdrew Wrote: [ -> ]Sick, sick cards man, i cant wait for those Longhorn boxes as well!
Me as well...Wink
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