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Full Version: What Would You Do? Kobe Auto Redemption, Updated W/ Replacement
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here is the situation, i pulled a kobe gold auto /25 redemption from totally certified. panini sent out the card on 9/15 using fed ex, it showed it arrived in nashville (headed to knoxville) on 9/16. it then shows it departed the location on 9/16 9:42 pm and again on 9/17 12:57 am? i waited a few days and contacted fed ex. they said they would look into it that its probably stuck in a sorting belt, but had no explanation for it showing departed from nashville twice. i also did a general info request on paninis website since the redemption request was closed, i couldnt update it. panini never contacted me while i got several emails and calls from fed ex. fed ex contacted me 10/4 with news that it was lost and that i needed to contact panini (although i think it should have been their responsibility to do so). i updated the general info claim and ofcourse to this day still dont have any responses on there. i have talked with panini over the phone and they said they are waiting for some kind of confirmation from fed ex. i understand things get lost (although i think and employee with fed ex knows panini ships good cards through them and has taken it, asked panini if they knew the serial number of the card they sent me so i could be on the look out for it and they said they dont keep a record of what they send and its random, dont believe that), and thats not my issue, and panini's awful customer service is not the biggest issue. when i was talking to panini over the phone the first time, the lady asked me if i had a preference of players or teams. i told her what the redemption was for and that i expect nothing less then an on card kobe auto /25 or less (am i being unreasonable about this?). i also told her that when they have my replacement, to please call me before they ship so i know what it is (so they dont send me a sticker auto /99 as replacement). she said she would call back in a couple of days and let me know. waited a few days and ofcourse no call. i then called again and talked with a guy. i told him the same thing that i told the lady and he told me it may be difficult to get an auto of kobes that is /25 or less (i think that is pretty stupid considering he is there #1 spokesperson). he too told me that i would receive a call in the next couple of days with a few possible replacements to choose from. also, where do they get their values from? ive seen the card in question sell for around 100-150, they told me its valued at 200, but beckett has it valued a little higher. just wanting a little feedback from the community on what you would do in the situation, if im being unreasonable for wanting an equal replacement, and since i havent received a call, ill probably end up calling them again, is there someone in particular i need to be talking to? thank you for reading and all potential help.
my main concern is getting either a kobe sticker auto /49-99 or getting an overproduced gold standard cut auto or even some of the gold standard oncard autos seem like a giant overproduced set. i dont want to be a whiner, im thankful i pulled a kobe auto (redemption) i just want what i was told i was getting or something that is "comparable".
I don't know but I think its crap that all shipping companies, will lose something and than not, take responsibility for it. I work at wal-mart could you imagine if we lost something someone had on layaway, and than just told them we can't be responsible for lost or damaged items. We'd be losing costumers like crazy.
Ping, keep doing what you're doing. Try contacting FedEx again, and inform them that Pannini is waiting on them to reach them. If you don't want to wait too long for Pannini, just accept another Kobe auto, plus a Griffin auto. Hopefully they will come around. I waited over two years for a Lebron auto from UD and have the stress creases on my forehead to prove it, lol. When it was all said and done, I got some good stuff in return. Only accept what you feel it worth your trouble (that's what I would do).
I agree with kenarm, but I can see this kind of being hard in your case. I mean, you collect Kobe so that would have been an awesome PC addition. I recommend that they either send you three Kobe AU /99 or less (total value should be equal, and you have three cards instead of one) or they need to contact the buyer of the same card on eBay and offer to buy it from them. This way, the buyer gets a couple extra dollars and you get the card you pulled. However, I understand that knowing another person handled it could be worrisome. But no, I don't think you're handling this wrong. Shoot, maybe they can give you one of the Gold Ticket prizes so you get a day to hang out with Kobe, get some stuff signed with him, and shoot hoops with him. Smile
good ideas xstream, but really i dont like kobe the person enough to want to go hang out with him lol. i just see/know that he is an awesome talent and one of the best that has played, thats why i collect his cards, not really because i like him, shoot, i usually root for the lakers to lose hahahaha. you dont usually see collectors say that about their pc players hahahah.
Yeah, that is kind of odd. Smile Even still, I'm sure you'd be able to get a few non AU cards signed. Maybe you could get that Kobe/LeBron confrontations signed and then try to get LeBron to sign the other side. lol.
Stand Your ground! Dont back down. You did your part, you paid for the box, you pulled a redemption, you called in your redemption. they are responsible for delivery of said redemption. It is not your fault or any thing to do with you. You just reported that as you were tracking it, it was lost, again not your problem. If they try and pull some other crap I would say thank you but think I will seek a lawyer to be advised of my rights. This is not the first time something like this has happen and wont be the last. They need to deliver what is promised. Its bad enough to have to wait 6 months to a year for a card that you paid for. Stick to your guns and dont back down. Keep us informed.
still no word from them, wow, panini has really let me down this year. i was a big advocate of theirs last season when alot of people were saying bad things, i could understand the lack of effort if it was a scrub rc auto, but come on, this is a kobe auto /25, i figured they would be rushing to make things right, when i get a chance, im going to call and talk to a supervisor.
Dude, you have been more patient than I would have been up to this point. Flaunt this thread and any other threads you might have posted about this. Post more of the same on other forums and let them know that this could be remedied with a happy ending on all of your threads in PUBLIC FORUMS. I would also post this situation on Panini's facebook page.

Basically, they can do what they want to because they are the only producers of NBA licensed cards right now. You should convey this and if enough of us stop buying their products then maybe they eventually lose the monopoly they have now.

I just recieved a card from a 09-10 product redemtion. Really Panini????? The 11-12 season was just about to begin (pending a lockout).

If a Panini employee reads this please know I won't purchase a Panini product (wax or secondary market singles) until I see this specific issue with pingbling resolved.

There is one lost Panini customer for the time being, how many collectors will feel the same and not post ???
They lost me a long time ago, I havent bought a non-discount-blaster Panini product for a year and a half now.
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