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Full Version: Dan Wheldon dies in hugh crash
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Not a serious race fan but my thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and the whole racing community. 33 yrs old, married, 2 sons under 3 yrs of age. What a tragedy!
just about to post the same thing.
its very sad. Right as it happend they were doing a close up of him talking about his racing abilities. such a shame.
it was an awful wreck, he came back to win the 500 this year and then have this happen.

here is my autograph of him [no not for sale]

[Image: dan1.jpg]
This is an interview he did on local radio here in Seattle last Tuesday. When you hear what he was trying to accomplish in this race it'll make you even sadder.
I was watching football with a friend of mine today and noticed that he was involved in a wreck and that he was airlifted from the track when I was checking scores from my phone. When I checked my phone a few moments later espn had it on their main page that he had passed. I follow nascar, but not indy-car. I had def. heard of Wheldon and knew he was one of the top drivers, but I didn't know much about him. Sad day in the racing world.