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Full Version: UFC 140
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Hey guys, so me and my brother got tickets last time UFC came to Toronto and the 1st time. We had level 100's, now we have 7th row floors for the fight December 10th! I am absolutely pumped! Anyone else going to be attending/watching?
I'll be watching for sure. I watch all ufc ppv's. Ufc 140 looks decent. I wish they stack the card a little more.

I kind of think it's going to be an easy fight for jones. Machida is a counter fighter, but IMO you can't let jones pick you apart from the outside. Jones has the longest reach and trying to counter that is hard.
I agree, Jones' reach is what makes him dominate his division and Machida has nothing to counter it with but his defense (which will eventually be broken down). I also hope the card gets a little nicer as we near closer but either way I think it'll be awesome!
You watch 137? Diaz gave penn a beating and CC & penn retired.
Yeah man the retirements blow me away! I knew Cro-Cop was speaking about it, but it happened! And BJ... no one was expecting. Did you see that Bart ________ absolutely flurry Griffin out. So serious. Awesome card I'd say!
It was a good card. I feel bad for griffin. He's probably going to get cut, and on top of that he loss a percentage of his purse because he didn't make weight.

I love the ufc/mma, there is another ppv this weekend!!! I love that there is a ppv almost every week now, lol.
Agreed lol! I fiend UFC, along with my brother. As for Griffin, it's a bummer but I guess he should have kept his head up :p