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Full Version: Desperate for a larger BV trade.
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Looking to trade (in your favor) for any nice Pistons autos along with sn'd or other of Griffin's and Durant's. Please look through my org and see if there's anything you like.
Just added a nice patch of Howard and a few RC's of old and new players.
Have 120$ in Jordan, 100$ in Lebron and 100$ in Kobe. Willing to trade each for one or two cards at a fraction of BV.
Yes, you can give total value. Just so long as you don't say card XYZ books for $125.
Good luck with this thread, but I don't think you will find anyone interested in trading a $100 card for 10 or even 20 of your $10 cards. Just my opinion.
I've already got a couple of trades started. I don't have JUST 10$ cards either. I thought the tone of my post was "I'm not expecting anything great, I'd just rather have 1 nice Isiah Thomas or John patch rather than a Gibson rc auto and a Melo/James patch". I'll edit my post to make it more clear. Thanks for the well wishes.
feel free to check my stuff out...i'm not sure there's anything there you'd like..