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Full Version: LF: 2008-09 Ultimate Collection Foursome cards
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I'm looking for 2008-09 Ultimate Collection Foursome (patch or swatch) cards featuring HOF calibre players.

They look like this...

[Image: BernardKingWaltFrazierEarlMonroeWillisReed-1.jpg]

[Image: KareemAbdul-JabbarKobeBryantJerryWestAndrewBynum-1.jpg]

[Image: JuliusErvingMosesMaloneMauriceCheeksWilt...lain-1.jpg]

[Image: KareemAbdul-JabbarOscarRobertsonRobertPa...McHale.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6233.jpg]
Still looking for more.
(10-15-2011, 09:28 AM)will23c1982 Wrote: [ -> ]Still looking for more.
they look very nice. awesome start

love those cards... I was looking at a few of them when they first came out.. PURE AWESOME!!