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Full Version: Reggie Miller Top 10 Wanted List WTF/B
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I am going to list 10 Reggie Miller cards I want to get right away. I would prefer to trade for them, but will buy at the right price. Here is the October 3 list.

1. 96-97 Fleer Thrill Seekers #11
2. 91-92 Little Basketball Big Leaguers #23
3. 93-94 Upper Deck Walmart Jumbos #195
4. 94-95 Basketball USA #36
5. 94-95 SP Championship Playoff Heroes Die cuts #P5
6. 95-96 Collector's Choice Player's Club Platinum #359
7. 95-96 Jam Session Show Stoppers #6
8. 95-96 Ultra Scoring Kings
9. 05-06 Topps Overtime #41
10. 99-00 Black Diamond Piece of History Triple #RM (25 Made)

Please let me know if you have any of these and want you want. I am also looking for any Reggie Miller cards I need.
Bump. Please help me with these Reggie cards.