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Full Version: help me find this...trying to put it in my organizer
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Hey everyone. I recently decided to redo my organizer, but I'm having trouble with ONE card in particular. I can find the basic insert version, but not the relic #ed version

2003 Press Pass Tradin' Paint Ward Burton race-used sheetmetal /160. Any ideas?
I can't find it either...looks like they may have left them out. It looks like it's from VIP though and not Press Pass. But either way, I can't find the sheetmetal parallel.
The ones listed are the correct one. They just didn't add the attributes to every card. If you look up the info for the set, you'll see this:

"2003 VIP Tradin' Paint Cars

Randomly inserted in retail packs, these 18 cards feature a genuine piece of race-used sheet metal set upon a card showing the car of the featured driver. These cards were issued to a stated print run of 160 sets with the exception of Dale Earnhardt who was limited to just 3 copies and is not priced due to the card's scarcity."

This is the one you have as it's listed in the OPG:

2003 VIP Tradin' Paint Cars #TPT16 Ward Burton's Car