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Full Version: Andre Ethier PC The Real Thread
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I will be posting all my pickups here in the future. I have rescanned all of my current collection, resized and oriented them all the same

74 Autos Only 67 are Unique
28 Game Used Only
19 Game Used/Auto Combo
12 1/1's

I only scanned autos and game used individually, base, and refractors are in the sheets.

[Image: EthierPCScans1.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans2.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans3.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans4.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans5.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans6.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans7.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans8.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans9.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans10.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans49.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans50.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans53.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans11.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans12.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans13.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans14.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans15.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans16.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans17.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans19.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans20.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans21.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans22.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans23.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans24.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans25.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans26.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans27.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans28.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans29.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans30.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans41.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans42.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans43.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans44.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans45.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans46.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans18.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans31.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans32.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans33.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans34.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans35.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans36.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans37.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans38.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans39.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans40.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans47.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans48.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans52.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans51.jpg]

When I make updates I will place the scan in the appropriate orientated section and put the MAILDAY DATE.

I hope you enjoyed my personal collection of Andre Ethier.
I am always accepting new additions this is collection, so if you have it and don't see it on here please let me know so we can work something out.

Thank You,
Nice Super! I still like the 05 chrome the best though.

(09-28-2011, 10:57 AM)jtulliakat0628 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Super! I still like the 05 chrome the best though.
Thanks Bud. I have another Super on the way too!
great stuff dude, very impressive collection you got there
(09-28-2011, 11:13 AM)john1580 Wrote: [ -> ]great stuff dude, very impressive collection you got there
Yeah but not as impressive as our Brauns!

You know I have to give you crap Alex
i wish i had a scanner to post my braun and longoria pc..i dnt feel like taking 300 pictures then copying them to the thread...which id have to make like 15 posts cuz i can only put 10 at a time i think
Thanks guys, by the way, there are more than 10 pictures in my initial post. I just heard that I won't be able to add anymore once the thread has been replied to unless that was fixed.
Mailday 9/29
[Image: EthierPCScans54.jpg]
Another super!!!!!!!
(09-29-2011, 11:57 PM)woodrowsbat Wrote: [ -> ]Another super!!!!!!!
Yeeees Siiiiiiiir!
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