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Full Version: HELLO!!!!!!!
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I might be interested in starting a collection. I collect Dallas Cowboys Autos and Auto'd mini helmets.

I have never read about McFarlanes, so you collectors out there....what do I need to know????
what you need to know is SP's are on their way out. Their peak was around 2002-2003 and have been going down hill since then. Basically since the CL or Chase figures were introduced with #'d bases everything else has become worthless and regular figures sit on the pegs for months and in some cases years as I can walk into TRU here and still find Hockey and Baseball from 2008-2009.

That's another thing back at their peak SP's were in almost every major retail establishment in the U.S. but now TRU is the only place that carries them on a full time basis. Walmart and Target seem to get them in randomly with no rhyme or reason as to what they get in or when. And the number of Walmart and Target stores that carry them are a fraction of what it once was.

So basically if you are in it for the money and value don't waste your time and if you are in it just because you like a certain team or players/poses don't overpay and just keep watching ebay for the best deal. The newer Collectors Level figures like anything are extremely overpriced when they first come out so you almost need to be 6 months or a year behind to get the best deals.

For instance there is a Miles Austin Collector's Level figure in the newest series #'d to 500 pieces and is going for around $150-$200 right now but if you wait 6 months to a year from now it will be had for probably half of that if not less dlvd.

Also even though Collectors level figures are what is hot because they have numbered bases the recent trend shows even the higher numbered ones in the 1000-3000 piece area don't carry value and have started to be left behind on the pegs with the regulars. Of course any Collectors Level figures from your main teams Yankees, Cowboys, Steelers,etc... are always going to bring a premium.