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Full Version: Mailday - Bruins Legends!
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17/35 Neely
[Image: IMG_0258.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0257.jpg]

41/50 Bucyk
[Image: IMG_0255.jpg]

50/50 Bucyk
[Image: IMG_0253.jpg]

3/10 Bucyk
[Image: IMG_0252.jpg]
Those are some nice cards, congrats!
love the Neely patch.
Amazing Bruins pick ups. I'm jealous.
great looking pick ups congrats
(09-18-2011, 07:36 PM)iluvladies5015 Wrote: [ -> ]Amazing Bruins pick ups. I'm jealous.
I think the Bruins jersey may have been designed for the sole purpose of making other card collectors jealous. I'M jealous and I don't even collect Bruins.
Nice haul, and sweet multicolor jerseys.
Nice patch