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Full Version: After 8 months of constant work I'm finally there
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Hi All, For those that don't know me I'm a diehard canucks fan, a canadian living in Australia and pretty much just living the dream. Since I have comeback to this community and seen the organize and trade features I was again hooked, especially after the canucks season last year to again start going after my sought after team after 8 years out of collecting due to many reasons.

So getting that out of the way i have finally gone through every hockey card set or so I believe and dug out the canucks from each year, I could not rely on Beckett's organize as there are many mistakes so yes i spent hours and hours combing through each set, each year and if i wasnt sure if that player was a canuck or not i searched the net for a pic, my rules are simple a canucks card that says he is a canucks or has a canucks logo on it.. I WANT IT.

So here is what I have come up with after all this time and up to date till the end of 2010-11, minus dominion get my a checklist already beckett.

So I'm gonna say here is the list of 99% of the canucks I need I'm sure i have missed some out there but the collection stands at 3902 out of a possible 17475. This of course is including 1/1 which i only recently had one of but now starting to say screw it and get my hands on some.

After all that if you have canucks and you don't want them hit me up i'm a very easy trader to deal with i have no problems trading a $20 seriald #'d auto or jersey or whatever for the same value in commons it doesn't matter. LETS TRADE!!!
offer sent
(09-17-2011, 10:22 PM)ithor Wrote: [ -> ]offer sent
Accepted! Thanks will get them ready asap
Bump! Woot made my own sig.. loving this
I think we've traded before, but i've been adding cards still so check out my org, see if there's anything you could use now that you know what you want. send me an offer, i love to trade Smile
sent open offer....I have a bunch of Canucks cards you are looking for....thanks.
(09-22-2011, 12:36 PM)brannat2 Wrote: [ -> ]sent open offer....I have a bunch of Canucks cards you are looking for....thanks.
Thanks a lot for the trade! I hope I get some more you need soon as there is atleast another $200 worth of Canucks I could use off you lol.. cheers
Already have a deal with you...can't wait for our next.