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Full Version: Some Vintage Graded. Also Some Others Including Clemente
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Picked these up at a Yard Sale. You would not believe what I paid. Check them out.

I can't say that these cards graded by FGS are legit graded cards. I know the reputation FGS has and had, and I personally would never use them as a Grading Company. So I will be honest about that. Also the Kareem Abdul Jabbar is a 1978-79 Topps not 1977. I noticed that as well. All offers are welcome.

Also any other I have listed. I'm really looking for Duke Snider auto/mem. Also any Carolina Panther-Mainly Lafell. Also Ryan Newman.
awesome man. you gonna share the price?
I will say this. I'm 6 3 250 pounds. I couldn't eat on what I paid Smile. In a box take them all. I could not believe it. I live in Charlotte in an older neighborhood. It happens around here.
wow man congrats
Its too bad it was not a box full of Rockies and Newman. But you take what you can get.
Any Snider's out there for trade.
what do you have for 1956 topps? also, its tough to see what youve got. send me an open offer with any vintage youve got and we can go from there. really looking for 56 topps first!
will do
No 56 Topps.
Still got some for trade