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Full Version: 3 Boxes of Donruss 2010-11
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I recently bought 3 boxes of Donruss 2010-11 for under $150. This is the best of what I got. Box 1 was my favorite. All for trade except the Nash and Kukoc.


[Image: scan0001.jpg]


[Image: scan0002.jpg]


[Image: scan0003.jpg]
Nice Kukoc Auto..
I love that product! The cousins is gonna be a good one and the Kukoc patch is nice!
I love that product I need like 27 base commons to complete the set.
nice stuff, i would be interested in the lebron gu's or any inserts of him you pulled.
check me for the Vince!! Love that Nash card too, it's a great photo.
Sweet kukoc
Just throw that cousins in my package when you send our trade. hehe Sweet pull I would like that card