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Full Version: Looking to Stock up on player collections
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Im collecting all the guys in my sig, as well as lucas duda, Zach wheeler, and mike harvey. I will trade for any card of there's i dnt have, plz lmk what you have, thanks
i should have some check me the only ones i wouldnt trade inless the offer was really good would be the davis
john i still have quite a few i just need to dig them all out for you, i have tulos, davis, wrights and a couple lucas duda.
I might have some base of the guys in your sig.
Your out of room in that sig man so those new guys gotta wait, haha!
Got several Braun's listed in my organize, mostly base. Feel free to check to see if you need any of them and send an offer. Thanks.
I have a few each in my organize for trade. Feel free to see if you need/want any of them
im trying to look thru everyones stuff and send offers but the system sucks for some reason, il send something over to everyone soon, thanks alot
I gave you a free bump earlier. Smile
(09-08-2011, 06:13 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]I gave you a free bump earlier. Smile
saw that, thanks . thanks for the banner too
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