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Full Version: My Bobby Orr auto for your Gretzky auto...
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[Image: BruinsAutos.jpg]

2000-01 Upper Deck Legends Epic Signatures #BO Bobby Orr available for trade, but only for a Wayne Gretzky auto in return. Hard signed, beauty of a card, and although it's a PC card, it's not my only Orr auto, so it's up for grabs.

Beckett BV on this is $100-200, and I would really prefer to get an Upper Deck auto in return for this. Anything within the same price range, so an Enshrinements from last year, Flashback Fabrics jersey/auto, this year's Autofacts or Gemography would work, nothing too fancy, nothing ITG, no mini or oversized cards, just a plain old auto, on-card or sticker, either is fine with me. Would also add if the BV is off, no problem, but I'm looking to keep BV's reasonably close. I would much rather prefer a card with an auto and jersey, if possible, so if you've got one of those available, I'm game as well, and again, will add what I can to even it up. Shoot me an offer!

Thanks for looking!