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Full Version: BGS Question
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I sent 2 cards in to get graded and just checked my order status today. It says 'Number of cards received: 2" but then it says "Number of cards graded: 3"....How did they grade 3 cards when I only sent in 2? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
I have had that happen on every BGS order that I have submitted. Did one of the cards contain an autograph? I always assumed that if you had just one auto in the batch that they used that extra card to show the charges on an older invoice system they use on site.

Your cards will be fine, there won't be an extra, and the invoice you recieve will be exact. My theory above is just that, a theory. Hope it helps.
Thanks, that must be it because one of them did contain an auto! Thanks for your help!
Alright, now another question...Today is the deadline day for my submission so it is supposed to be done today but I have not heard anything as far as what grades I got. When and more importantly where will I find this information? Thanks!

Nevermind I found the information!