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Full Version: What do expect to pull when you spend $500 on a box
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I was just curious what people are thinking when they buy a $500 box of cards. What one card do they think they will pull to make it worth spending $500 on a box.

Larry Bird Auto?
Bill Russell Auto?
Michael Jordan Auto?
Kobe Auto?

I guess my point here is couldn't they buy any one of those auto's and still have some money left over?

I guess the only thing that would make it worth it is if you pulled some triple or quad auto of some great players. But my guess is that your odds of doing that are a million to 1.

This kind of also brings up the point of why a Larry Bird Auto is worth more when you pull it from an Exquisite box vs a Bowman or Topps box. Just because the box was 3 times as much make the card worth more money?
I feel the exact same way man... I've NEVER bought a box... EVER! In my opinion if I'm going to spend my hard earned money it's going to be on a high end single i've always wanted! But then again you gotta look at it this way, MORE POWER TO THE BOX BREAKERS, BECAUSE WITHOUT THEM WE'D NEVER GET THE SINGLES LOL
Im more of a fifty fifty guy. I buy alot of singles and i buy alot of boxes. Breaking boxes is the funnest part of the hobby to me. I appreciatte cards that i pull more than i do ones that i buy. But on the other hand its risky and i like buying singles to. They are fun to because they you know what you are getting when you buy them.
I enjoy my pulled singles in my PC. But they never came from a $500 box.

The most I have ever spent on a box was half off on a box of Ultimate. I did that with an Ultimate box from 06-07 and 07-08. The price of boxes got too crazy after the 2003-2004.

I was on a mobilization in Afghanistan in 2004 and returned home to see that some boxes of cards were selling for almost a grand!!!!

Those $60 hobby boxes that came with maybe 1 GU and 1 Auto in a 24 to 36 pack box have dissapeared along with the business that I used to give the card companies that produced them.

I buy boxes when I find a good deal and other than that, I trade and buy the singles that catch my eye.

It works for me.
If I ever bust a $500 box, it will only ever be once just to say I was able to. And if I were to, I would hope to pull a great AU of anyone that I could sell to get my money back just so I could buy a few smaller boxes. But I better have no pending bills, clean credit and $100K a year salary. Smile
I think the highest I have ever paid for a box is 120, and I find that to be expensive!
Man, it's really a gamble! If you have the money to gamble, the chance of getting a incredible hit are much higher in those products! Personally, my luck is not the best, and my PCs are very specific, so I'm better off just buying singles.
Jordan auto-
(09-06-2011, 09:43 PM)seaw0lf Wrote: [ -> ]Jordan auto-
Well, since a Jordan Auto is not guaranteed, wouldn't you be better off just buying one?
i try to stay away from from highend wax, its just to much of a gamble. but i do agree an auto from an $80 product shouldnt be as valuable as an auto from a $500 product.
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