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Full Version: Who has done NPN before and what was your experience?
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I've always wanted to try it out but wanted some testimonials first. Please give the company so we can differentiate. Also, do higher end products have NPN? Cause if so, does National Treasures because I want to send one in. Smile Thanks.
What is NPN?
no purchase necessary redemption. Some companies do them, ud has a web site that you register and then just click the list of contests and then submit. others require you to mail a 3x5 card in a envolpe to them. dont know odds but there is web sites out there that you can get the info from. As I have added my name in the ud ones just recently I have no ideal how long it takes. If I ever win I will post
Upper Deck is best because it is all done on their website so it doesn't even cost the price of a stamp like Topps and Panini do.

NPN is one of the main reasons that manufacturers have all those autos and mem cards lying around to give to you when your Rudy Gay auto isn't fulfilled after 8 months. Most states have laws that require a no purchase necessary option when a company is offering a product/sweepstakes/contest that involve odds or chance. Trading cards that feature hits that are 1 per box, two per box etc. are put under this umbrella. This means that the card companies must hold some of the product back to fulfill these NPN requests.

You will not get something every time , or even every 10 times but if you diligently send away, or click, for NPN's then you will eventually will get a nice surprise in the mail one day. I have never received anything spectacular but for a moment of my time or the price of a stamp it is a bit of fun.

National Treasures should have a NPN just like any other product. You will most likely have to get a pack/box to read the instructions on the back. Since it is Panini you will have to mail the NPN request away, probably with your details on a 3 x 5 card but you will need the NPN instructions on the back of the packaging to see the exact requirements.
This is more of a moral question than anything, but do you think it'd be wrong to do the NPN of a product you haven't bought? For instance, one could go to Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart and get the NPN instructions off the back of packs/boxes and send them in. My guess is that if Wal-Mart allows you to do it online, then you can do NPN for them that you haven't bought, but I could be wrong. I figure, if I can make myself believe it to morally be right, I could do the NPN for baseball, football and hockey product to hopefully get some stuff for my mini PCs or small trade bait since it seems there's more collectors for that sport.
There shouldn't be a problem with that. I think the "no purchase necessary" is meant to be taken literally.
(09-07-2011, 09:03 AM)rsaldana Wrote: [ -> ]There shouldn't be a problem with that. I think the "no purchase necessary" is meant to be taken literally.
Well I just did all of the ones currently available on Upper Deck's site. I have to run to Wal-Mart tonight so I'll have to take a pen and paper with me. Smile
Good luck! I should probably check out UD myself Smile