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Full Version: What is up with the Trade function???
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I can't filter the search results like I want to. I only gives player names and teams as filter options.

I went to send an offer a bit ago and the others traders trade list was full of "n/a" where cards should have been. I was able to filter by player name and find the card for the offer.

I then went to search another traders org with the trade function only because when you look at their org you cannot filter by year and attribute like say refractor or parrallel set.

Why is it harder to search with filters than it used to be and what is up with the trade function?

It was a holiday weekend, all the boys are at home playing tag in the backyard
I was able to got ahold of someone a few minutes ago- hopefully its something easily fixed and not something the developers need to look at-
filters are working for me now and try OPG purchase again for those trying to buy