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Full Version: I love my LCS!!!
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Me and the Fam stopped in to visit the LCS. I always let my lil girl pick herself out a pack of whatever she wants in Nascar. She Grabbed a pack of 2011 Eclipse. Low and Behold...a Joey Logano /50 auto....
[Image: IMG-12.jpg]

Then my LCS owner Frank decides to show my wife what he got for her from a customer down on hard times. She loves her Earnhardt!!! Well here you go..

[Image: DSC03046.jpg]
[Image: DSC03044.jpg]
[Image: DSC03045.jpg]

He made her day!!!!
Sweet stuff!!! Congrats to y'all.
both items are great. I have to get me a new joey logano autograph one day. I have one for my certified collection but its a premium so that means sticker. I cant get rid of it because it was a gift but i have to replace it lol