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Full Version: Box #1 Topps Finest w/scans
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I bought two boxes of Topps Finest today at the card shop and here is box #1. Not too bad. Let me know if you are interested in anything. Box #2 was on the lookout for that one.

Stevan Ridley AU/JSY Refractor 70/75
[Image: 4c45505b-5ae6-4254-b088-4b34b43ad358.jpg]

Daniel Thomas AU/Patch 151/310
[Image: 647b111b-5336-4cb9-a39e-a30a9542b3e9.jpg]

Ryan Mallet Atomic Rookie
[Image: 39af37bf-cfda-437a-af4c-7e340be280b4.jpg]

Mikel Leshoure Atomic Rookie
[Image: 301a9d8a-aae3-4159-b5fd-d1172d17e3a0.jpg]

Marcell Dareus Refractor 209/399
[Image: b6cb815a-24bc-46ca-8eaa-7f75e1efe542.jpg]

Titus Young Refractor 19/25
[Image: ab84a177-b910-4fb0-9852-e1662671e8a3.jpg]

Austin Collie Refractor 45/399
[Image: 26f08a8f-938e-4954-9408-a07ec0318db5.jpg]

I also have most Rookie Cards let me know if there is someone particular you are looking for. Also I have several FINEST MOMENTS I didn' t feel like scanning. BOX #2 COMING UP NEXT!!!!!!!!
Cmb I'm interested in most base rookies and the 2 autos
pm and offer sent
I like the Titus Young.
(09-03-2011, 08:06 AM)megatronford Wrote: [ -> ]I like the Titus Young.
PM me and make me an offer
interested in any KC Chiefs RC's..also any Jamaal Charles..PLMK