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Full Version: CUP Tin Break !!! You will want to see this !
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Pullin em live !

Be back with the first card in a minute or two when I open it !
Can't wait to see the cards. Good luck.
good luck, hope you pull a Bobrovsky or Schenn for me!!
Good Luck!!!
Ok first card.

[Image: Card1.jpg]

Annnnd second card...

[Image: Card2.jpg]
whats next?
3rd card not too shabby...

[Image: Card3.jpg]

4th card...meh

[Image: Card4.jpg]

This last one though...a TOTAL BEAUT !!!
Can't wait to see it!!!
My first ever cup break...did not disappoint me at all ! Smile Gotta give the wife the cred for picking this one out !





TADA !!!

[Image: Card5.jpg]
very nice, congrats on the sweet hits!!
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