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Full Version: 2 Boxes of Threads...JWEST1334 WINS!!!!
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Ok, so I just busted my 2 boxes of Threads and here are my hits!!

[Image: Hits.jpg]

And my Rookie Class Autos:

[Image: Hits2.jpg]



[Image: Hit3.jpg]

And now for the CONTEST.........

Cam's Rookie Class is numbered to 300. The person that guesses the number or closest to the number of this card will win ALL of the cards in the FIRST SCAN.

THE TWO ROOKIE CLASS AUTOS ARE NOT PART OF THE CONTEST!! You will have until 5 p.m. Central Time tomorrow to submit your guess.



Nicely done! And I like that McCoy....but who the heck is Johnny White Tongue

Oh, and my guess is 225
2 that suh is nice
Guess is 125
024/300. Thanks for the contest.
Thanks for the contest, my guess is 143/300. Sick Suh by the way!!!
Nice hits!!! Congrats on the Screwton.

My guess is, of course, 34/xxx. Wink Thanks for the contest!
7 ...nice hit
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