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Full Version: 3 Tin Cup Break....Expensive Day.
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Not for nothing but doesn't Eberle's autograph look like "7 - L = 14"?? He seems to be writing a math problem instead of his name!
Sweet breaks congrats
The ones that a hand numbered are the special ones that are numbered to the players jersey number...Yes so that means Cam Fowler only has 4...what kind of crap is that. Gretzky would have 99! Does that make the Fowler worth more?
I don't collect hockey but I love watching/looking at Cup breaks. That Malkin is so awesome, I'd borderline trade for it. Congrats bro!
Nice Break. Could use the Morin RC Patch and the Toews/Kane DUAL AU. Please lmk if you have a price in mind, thanks.
A very nice tin!
Great hits!!!
Need that kane toews auto look through my organize pleaassee!!!
Great cards.
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