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Full Version: 2 SPx hobby packs..... nice pulls
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Went to dave and adams for supplies but saw a pack of spx 07/08 and a pack of spx 10/11 and said why not. Cracked them open and got some decent cards. As of now these cards aren't for sale or trade.

Not everyone can see the attachments (including me). Your best bet for posting pics is to upload them to Photobucket and copy and paste the image url.

By the way, what are the cards?
sorry this is my first post kinda screwed up but the cards are a 07/08 spx guy lafleur flashback fabrics and a 10/11 spx sidney crosby winning materials dual jersey.
nice Crosby but I couldn't see the LaFleur

yea I agree photobucket is the way to go for posting images.. also helps for your card inventory!
Awesome pick-ups for two packs!

Not bad for 2 packs