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Full Version: Black Diamond and Pinnacle
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Not a box, but figured it still fit in this part of the forum.

Went to my LCS today...the only one that sells any hockey stuff, and bought two 10-11 Black Diamond and two 10-11 Pinnacle Hobby packs.

The only non base card I got from the ten BD cards was #170 Dustin Tokarski Rookie Gems.

From the two Pinnacle packs, 16 cards total I pulled card #26 City Lights Serial Numbered 213/499 Stephen Weiss GU Jersey.

These are the first four packs I have bought in over eight years. The best part about it is there was another guy in the shop with me who opened 5-8 packs of Pinnacle and was getting nothing but base cards and some other minor inserts and the first pack I opened had the Weiss card in it.

Just thought I would share Smile

Welcome back to the hobby and nice hits!!!
That is a nice welcome back getting a jersey and a rookie.
nice hit for packs
Not bad for that amount of packs.