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Full Version: 2002 Private Stock Titanium Double Sided Patch Pull (Looking for Opinions)
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When I first got back into the hobby about a month ago, I bought a bunch of Pacific Hobby Boxes to boost a collection that had seen most of its accumulation during the early 90's (such a disappointment with so many great players and future HoFers starting out in the league in the early 90s while the card companies couldn't find the off switch to the printing presses). I bought a box of Titanium and took the chance since it is a greater risk reward than what I usually look to buy (More Hits and a lot fewer cards, with a diminished chance of actually getting a hit you really want). My patch for the box was Bill Guerin/Sergei Samsonov 026/215. It wasn't a card I was hoping for but could have done worse. I just dug the card out again after a month and I am really intrigued by it now that I have seen a lot more GU and patch cards. I haven't seen anything quite like the patch on the Samsonov side. Let me know what you think.

[Image: SCAN0030.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0031.jpg]
Pretty nice card of two guys that were pretty popular here in the Boston area at one time. I have a decent little Sammy collection from those days.

These were obviously the days when the card companies didn't save the primo stuff for 1/1 cards.
very nice card

I bet a Samsonov player collector will want it
Sick patch
That is a sick Samsonov card.
I am interested in it. If its for trade let me know if we can work something out.