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Full Version: 10/11 Top Pulls - let's see 'em!
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Ok, so the box season is winding down - notwithstanding the big boys (Dominion, Cup) which I won't be tapping in to.
Looking back on the box breaks - some real stinkers but some pretty nice pulls along the way. Below are my Top 10, let's see yours in whatever quantity or type.
Honorable mention goes to the Eberle/Subban YG RC's, Skinner Contenders ROY Auto /50, Artifacts Nash Jersey/Patch /25 - Tundra Tandems Jersey Crosby/Ovechkin /75, Tavares Crown Royale Heirs Patch /25, and an SPGU Kadri Significant Numbers Jersey Auto /43.

Here we go:

#10. First UD Patch pull in 4 years

[Image: 1011UpperDeckRyanGetzlafPatchGJRG14of15.jpg]

#9. Great Triple jersey of the Oil crew

[Image: 1011ZenithMosaicsTripleJerseyHallEberlePaajarvi9.jpg]

#8. Nice Auto RC

[Image: 1011CrownRoyaleRookieCardPKSubban134339of499.jpg]

#7. Great Parallel

[Image: 1011UDRetroParallelRCJordanEberle220.jpg]

#6. Stud RC

[Image: 1011UDRCTaylorHall219.jpg]

#5. Seguin Zenith Auto RC /199 redemption - no scan, still waiting for the card.

#4. Mario Lemieux Crown Royale Legends Auto /25 redemption, no scan - still waiting for the card.

#3. Great low #/5 Toews Auto

[Image: 1011ArtifactsJonathanToewsBlackAuto35of5.jpg]

#2. Dual auto of 2 greats - and a 1 of 1

[Image: 1011DecadesMarkMessierJariKurriDualAuto1of1.jpg]

#1. Who else could top this list!

[Image: 1011SPAuthenticBobbyOrrDualAutoST2OR.jpg]
My top 5 pulls of the 2010-11 card season...


[Image: 10-11CrownRoyaleHeirstotheThroneSignatur...nStaal.jpg]

Killer Staal card, #/10, not a bad Crown Royale pull.


[Image: 10-11SPGameUsedAF5-NYR.jpg]

A nice SPGU Authentic Fabrics Fives. Not a Rangers fan, so it's available, haha.


[Image: 10-11CertifiedChampionsMaterialsPrime-SidneyCrosby.jpg]

This is the card that paved the way for my non-Bruins PC. Eventually I picked up a couple Ovechkin cards that warranted a PC dedicated to him, but this one was the first card I wanted to keep that wasn't a Bruins piece. Pulled it from a retail 3-pack of Certified at Target. KILLER third jersey patch, numbered to 10, I just didn't have the heart to part with it!


[Image: 10-11PinnacleRookieTeamPinnacledualautog...ndHall.jpg]

That one came from the last couple packs in the box at a local news shop. Total shocker for me, especially since it was a PC card. Sweetness!


[Image: THEGOAL.jpg]

Incredibly hard to move it, but I did, and I ended up with more than enough amazing PC stuff for it. Would have been nice to hold on to it, but I couldn't pass up the offer I got.
great topic, I haven't open many boxes myself...

happy collecting
All are long gone, but my top 5 pulls.

Honorable mentions:
Jordan Eberle Score SSP RC
P.K. Subban SP Game used team marks auto /50
Jamie Benn Certified Green auto /5

5. Taylor Hall SPX Finite RC /99

4. Marc-Andre Fleury Certified Patch Auto /5 (same box as Benn)

3. Taylor Hall Score Auto

2. Jordan Eberle Limited Auto RC

1. Sidney Crosby SPX flashback fabrics auto (same box as the hall finite)

I can safely say I made my money back on box breaks this year.
Awesome stuff! I would say mine would be:

5. Gordie Howe/Mark Howe 2 Sign of the Times OR Tyler Seguin FW Auto

4. P.K. Subban Ultimate Debut Threads Signed Jersey /50

3. Gordie Howe SPA Immortal Inks 1/10

2. Sidney Crosby SPA Limited Auto Patch Redemption /100

1. Gordie Howe SPx Shadow Box Signatures
Tie for #5
[Image: 101942.jpg]
[Image: 101950.jpg]
[Image: 101957.jpg]
[Image: 101994.jpg]

Tie for #4
[Image: 101800.jpg]
[Image: 101805.jpg]

[Image: 101774.jpg]
[Image: 101796.jpg]
[Image: 101972.jpg]

Honorable Mentions
[Image: 101791.jpg]
[Image: 101911.jpg]
[Image: 101918.jpg]
[Image: 101924.jpg]
[Image: 101947.jpg]
[Image: 101953.jpg]
[Image: 101954.jpg]
[Image: 101996.jpg]
[Image: 101997.jpg]
[Image: 102000.jpg]
Hard to decide on this. Top ten cards would take too long for me to decide so going with top 5

5. May not like this player but the patch is sick.

[Image: scan0068.jpg]

Still waiting for this in mail. Got in a group break and was sent to me during Canada Post Lockout. Me thinks it is lost in the mail.

4. Steven Stamkos UDSPGU Redemption Autographed Lettermark to /50

3. Sid the Kid (trade pending in near future) 3/10

[Image: scan0030.jpg]

2. Crosby/Lecavalier/B.Richards

[Image: CrosbyLecavalierBRichards13of40.jpg]

1. JVR 1/3 UDSPGU Game Gear

[Image: JVR1of3.jpg]

Honorable Mentions

Triple Patch Hall/Eberle/Paajarvi 5/25

[Image: HallEberlePaajarvi5of25.jpg]

JR Auto

[Image: scan0059.jpg]

And a couple cards pulled this year but from previous box seasons

09/10 OPC Premier Miikka Kipprusoff 7/10 Quad Patch Remanents

[Image: scan0039.jpg]

Ryan Jones SPA FW Auto Patch 08/09 (I think it is 08/09, could be 09/10)

[Image: scan0056.jpg]

And last but not least, obtained in a trade earlier this year with Dragik and one of my fav cards in my collection.

Devan Dubnyk The Cup Auto Rookie.

[Image: Dubnyk59of249.jpg]

Clearly I'm nowhere close to the realm of the luck I'm seeing displayed here.... nonetheless...I've already posted all of these in previous threads. My top 5 hits of 2010-11:

5) PK Subban Contenders Auto RC
4) Crosby UD Patch /15
3) Eberle SP Auto RC
2) Seguin Ultimate Auto RC /99
1) Hall FW Auto Patch

Special mention to my Cheevers /25 Contenders Auto.
Some Game Used:

[Image: 2011ultimate018.jpg]
[Image: 2011ultimate017.jpg]
[Image: 8-1-11030.jpg]
[Image: 4-19010.jpg]
[Image: 2-3-11030.jpg]
[Image: 1-6-11041.jpg]
[Image: 12-31-10016.jpg]
[Image: 11-16-10013.jpg]
[Image: 10-29-10004.jpg]
[Image: 2-3-11032-1.jpg]
A few autos;

[Image: 8-1-11001.jpg]
[Image: 2011ultimate008.jpg]
[Image: 4-19.jpg]
[Image: 5-1-11003.jpg]

[Image: 8-1-11013.jpg]
[Image: 2011ultimate.jpg]
[Image: topps015.jpg]
[Image: 5-1-11008-1.jpg]
[Image: forsale-trade043.jpg]

Some Panini:

[Image: 7-1-11-1.jpg]
[Image: 2011ultimate022.jpg]
[Image: 5-7-11049.jpg]
[Image: 11-16-10.jpg]
[Image: 10-14-10024.jpg]
[Image: ForSale067.jpg]

[Image: 2-3-11026.jpg]
[Image: forsale017.jpg]
[Image: 10-29-10010.jpg]
Some insane cards here! My top pull is probably a Skinner Contenders Auto RC. I don't have a scan of it, as I sold it.
jafi1972 - I really want that Ryan Jones patch auto if you are willing to move it
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