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Full Version: 90s basketball
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I am trying to rid myself of all my 90s basketball cards if you have a player or team you collect let me know i will send you all the cards i have for a dollar or two depending on how much shipping cost. There are no game used or autos i want to be clear on that, just base and inserts. No jordan either already sold those.
i know they are not like hundred dollars cards but here is an example of what you will get

[Image: zlovaq.png]
Im looking for Kentucky Player
Player ---- Years\sets ----- *** If cards after 2000
Sam Bowie - (90-91 thru 95-96 all sets)
Kenny Walker - (1988-89 thru 1994-95 all sets)
Rex Chapman - (1988-89 thru 2000-01 all sets) ***
Reggie Hanson - (1991 Courtside, 1991 Star Pics )
Jamal Mashburn - (1993-94 thru 1999-00 all sets) ***
Rodrick Rhodes - (1997-98 thru 1999-00 all sets) ***
Antoine Walker - (1996-97 thru 1999-00 all sets) ***
Tony Delk - (1996-97 thru 1999-00 all sets) ***
Walter McCarty - (1996-97 thru 1999-00 all sets) ***
Mark Pope - ( 1996-97 Score Board, Press pass, Pacific Power, Collector's Edge ) ***
Ron Mercer - (1997-98 thru 1999-00 all sets) ***
Nazr Mohammed - (1998-99 thru 1999-00 all sets) ***
Jeff Sheppard - (1998 Collector's Edge, Press Pass, Sage, UD SP Top Prospects)
Scott Padgett - (1999-00 all Sets) ***
Wayne Turner - (1999 UD SP Top Prospects)
Check me for your Scottie Pippens.
looking for Kings.Thanks a lot.
Dennis Rodman is my kid. I'm in Spain, so postage might be a bit higher. LMK if you're ok shipping overseas.

PS: And don't apologize for these being base and inserts, in my opinion the ones that you're showing are from the greatest era in basketball card history.
jalen rose

awesome of you to do this
I'm interested in the Lakers and the Suns and Jason Kidd cards. Shoot me a pm and we will discuss price. Thanks; Gary.
Still have all different kinds of cards if anyone wants them