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Full Version: Suggest a box/boxes to bust
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Hey everyone,

Lookin to get some more product to bust and lookin for suggestions. Want to keep it to this year (to hit some halls/ebs/pajarvs) and last (to avoid expired redemption's). Looking mid-high end but open to any suggestions. Lookin for a good value product. I've tried a bunch of different products but would love to hear about some that have treated you guys quite well.

So how bout it?
This year I have opened 1 box of SP Authentic and pulled a Hall FW auto, I got SPx and my big pull was a Giroux/JVR Winning Combos with 3 boxes of Ultimate I pulled Giguere Premium Patch, Cowen Rookie Auto Patch, Messier/Kurri Dual Jersey, Tavares Ultimate Signatures. SP Game Used and didn't hit much in that box.

I have had pretty good luck this year. Granted that is only 5 boxes this year. I would go either Ultimate, SP Authentic or SPx.
I would say SPx or Crown Royale. Had very big pulls from each box I bought (3 SPx & 4 Crown Royale) Spx espcially with hitting Flashback Fabrics Auto of Patrick Roy, Hall RC, Paajarvi Ice RC /99 and his SPx RC, plus more.
I am biased so I go with ITG BTP or Decades. Decades is players from the 80's. So there is HOF players within that box. You get only 9 cards but you get 3 Autos & 3 GU'd.
best bang for your buck I would say decades if you cool with having players from the 80's

plus some the SP cards are pretty sweet
I have busted a lot of SP Authentic; but I am biased because I am collecting cards from the set. I have always had bang for my buck with the product though.

Ultimate is really nice, no doubt about it. Problem is, even though all the cards are very estetically pleasing, either you hit it big or you're left scratching your head; I was on head scratching end unfortunately, but that is just the way this hobby goes.

I have heard a lot about SPx and Crown Royal. I just purchased a Crown Royal Scratching the Surface Cam Fowler Auto and absolutely love the design.

I'd say save you money and wait until The Cup comes out!
I think I've done really well with Zenith... I personally don't like the dufex cards, but am getting 3 autos and 5 jerseys per box...
Ultimate is short but sweet. Same goes with Crown Royale (although CR is a little more pricey these days). SPA is boom or bust for me. SPx and Certified are solid. H&P gets 4 hits per box (2 autos, 2 mem) but mostly of the prospects. Not sure how you feel about that. Zenith is ok but there are too many no name rookies (checklist for RCs is way to big).

It'll be luck of the draw regardless so good luck!
I really liked SPx and Between the Pipes this year, but if you're looking for non-goalies that would eliminate BTP.
I would say Crown Royale if you can find it.
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