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Full Version: Busted 2 Boxes of Threads w/ Scans [Complete]
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Getting ready to bust the seals. Wish me luck. I'll update with scans asap.

Patches and Parallels. 1st Box

[Image: threads1.jpg]

Pretty sick Tomlinson Patch IMO...

[Image: threads2.jpg]

From a few loose packs I grabbed these as well.

[Image: threads3.jpg]
i have the aaron hernandez still let us know and good luck the box looked pretty nice ones ive seen at least
I NEED EAGLES! =D Good luck my brother!
I need Demarco Murray and will trade 200% in your favor if you get any of his nameplate.
Good luck! Hope all your jerseys are prime! I would be interested in any Jake Locker or Mason Foster if you get any.
well u can buy u another box by selling that Mallet. His stuff has been goin high lately
i would love a shot at the clyde gates plmk
I need the Moch and could you check me for the Mallet?
I am building the name plate for the Clyde Gates this year.. Would love to trade your way for it!
Wow, nice hit on the Mallett, and the LT patch is sweeT!
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