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Full Version: 08-09 Upper Deck MVP, Fleer, Press Pass breaks
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Bought a few cheap boxes of cards last week. Nothing too exciting, but I got some nice cards of some of my favorite players (I really like the Chandler patch).

I just realized a few of my Roses and Jordans aren't in these scans. But, like I said, there wasn't anything too exciting. There are a few cards from an 06-07 SP Game Used box in these scans, too.

[Image: NBACards1.jpg]

[Image: NBACards2.jpg]

[Image: NBACards3.jpg]
I think I need that Rasheed, so if you can, check me for it. Thanks.
Sorry for the late reply - been out of town. I'll get back to you soon.
Nice hakeems
Is the 2009-10 Upper Deck Game Materials Dual #DGOR David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon for trade? If so, then LMK.
Thanks, alstott.

tmakact, it's available, but I didn't see anything on your available list that I was interested in. If you have any Bulls cards with patches available but not on your list, let me know. Thanks!