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Full Version: 1 Box of SP Authentic 10-11
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Hey guys, I'm just getting into hockey card collecting and today my first box finally came in the mail.. so here's my first ever box break...

SP Authentic 2010-11 - 24 packs / 5 cards a pack

First I pulled all of the fat packs out that I could find and opened them. There were four. First 3 were decoys but the last was a patch card so I saved it for the end.

Pulled a couple base packs and then my first hit was a Marcus Johansson FW Auto 659/999 from the Washington Captials. Pretty decent hit, there is alot worse FW Auto out there.

Next pack was a Marco Scandella FW non auto from the Minnesota Wild. Meh, beats Cody Almond I guess haha.

Next few packs I came across a few SP ESS. Altogether I ended up with a Gilbert Perrault, Jaroslav Halak, Chris Pronger and a Dan Boyle all SP ESS.

My second auto about halfway through the break was a SoTT of Perttu Lindgren from the Dallas Stars. Ouch haha. I'd like to note this man has a very tiny Auto.

So I had about 5 packs left (and was saving the patch pack for last) and it was allllll base.

So finally I came to the last hit... I recorded it on my phone and it's in my Photobucket which i will post at the bottom. Here's what I got:
[Image: spauthentic054.jpg]
Eric Wellwood Limited Patch Auto FW 69/100
Gorgeous 3 Color Patch

This definately made the box worthwhile for me, I feel pretty luck to get a RC Patch Auto.

Here is the link to my photobucket album of the break:

Any comments or questions are more than welcome, thanks!
Is the Wellwood FT? By the way, nice break!
Very nice break. I've seen a lot worse.
very nice break
Not bad. Still, rookie patches should only be for the top 10-15 rookies that season. It's not like SP Authentic comes out in November when you don't know who'll pan out. By the time it does come out, they should have an idea who the top rookies are 7 only make patches of them.
I could use the Johansson
Sweet patch