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Full Version: All Time Great Pull
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looking to sell this.

Best pull of my life.

[Image: photoqms.jpg]
I want to buy it!! Im winning the lottery on Saturday, can you wait til then? lol
That is beautiful!
I bet you are looking to sell, lol.
Man if I had that card I wouldnt ever need another basketball card.
Holy sh*t. Where did you pull that from? If you do manage to sell it, please let us know for how much.
fyi, 2 days ago, one sold just like yours. it had all the same autos but it had drexler instead of havlicek. it sold for a cool $4800.
lol I want to buy a box of this, then saw it was 350!
(08-27-2011, 06:14 PM)jdetter23 Wrote: [ -> ]lol I want to buy a box of this, then saw it was 350!
there are some very sweet hits in here for that price, but its sad seeing low numbered on card jordan autos selling for less then $400.
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