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Full Version: Best Pull Of My Life
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looking to sell this.

Best pull of my life.

[Image: photoqms.jpg]
of course i don't know your financial situation, but personally i would hold on to it for a while.

albeit just to enjoy it
man if i was you i would hold on too it your looking about a grand there
I'd say more then a grand.
That may be the best pull i've ever seen. Congrats, man.
Holy cow that is a beautiful card!!!! That's DEFINITELY a keeper in my book with all those hall of fame signatures, but if your looking to sell i'd say at least 1,500 EASY!

Congrats on the pull, no doubt a "pull of a lifetime" Smile
1500? are you serious? lol nuts!
Similar cards like this are selling on the bay for over $3500.
(08-25-2011, 10:06 AM)briankort Wrote: [ -> ]Similar cards like this are selling on the bay for over $3500.
yup, im thinking that one is 4 grand MINIMUM
I would sell every other card i have before selling that one
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