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Full Version: Freebie!!
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Hanging out with one of my old timer neighbors and got on the subject of nascar and we got deep into some interesting conversations about his family and how they were all about the old school dirt track racing at Daytona. I mentioned to him about my beginner collection of diecast and nascar cards. So he wanted to give me a nice addition to my collection so he went and got me a free gift that he has had from attending a Daytona race years ago. Nascar fans are AWESOME!!!

[Image: IMAG0194.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0195.jpg]
Oh dude! That is AWESOME. I wouldn't know whether to display it backwards or forewards. Smile

The package is pretty beat up, but the auto's would make that insignificant to me. Congrats on a sweet freebie man!