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Full Version: Sensei just hooked me up!!! Great member as always.
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So, we had a trade that i'm convinced he let me have in my favor. I won't say what he got - but I'll show what I got.

Go dogs!
[Image: knowshons.jpg]

I love them. Both cards are awesome.

Thank you very much, Sergio.

They both fit great in my UGA collegiate PC (...thread to follow). Smile
Great cards!!!
and yea Sergio is a very nice guy!
Very nice,and congrats.

+1 Sergio
Great job guys!
Love the UD Black. Doesnt get any nicer than that set.
(08-22-2011, 09:30 PM)samiamryan Wrote: [ -> ]Love the UD Black. Doesnt get any nicer than that set.
great stuff!
Sweet cards!! Love those UD Black autos!
LOVEEE the UD Black autos.....too bad my Ducks or Dolphins didnt have any nice rookies from that year Sad
Happy to help, bud. Although I love Knowshon Moreno, I respect any collector who is as obsessed with their Alma-mater as I am with mine. Figured you would appreciate those two cards even more than I did.
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