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Full Version: 09-10 UD Blasters (X2) Pics
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Happy with what I got. The Durant is not FT.

[Image: 6526b5eb.jpg]

RCS: Curry, Rubio
Immortals: Cooper, Radja, Dumars, Stockton, Elliot, Laimbeer,
hahaha, i thought u were done with the ud blasters? i only bought a few, i cant stand getting tons and tons of dups on the base. were the errors ok this time, decent hit on the lebron gu's and durant gu's, i pulled one of the durants, i believe i traded it though.
Nice break Man... I been getting nothing but unlisted stars in my breaks when it comes to those GU...
nice dual jersey
Larry Birddddd!!!!!!! Big Grin
Nice lebron jersey. thats what i was hoping to get with mine.