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Full Version: one box zenith
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Broke one box of Zenith, think I did pretty well, here are the highlights... all FT for comparable cards on my want list in organizer...

[Image: zenith_0001.jpg]
[Image: zenith_0002.jpg]

The Wellwood was inside a now-defunct Gilmour DTT

Update: The Hall, Tatar auto and Bobrovsky are history....
Nice break.
a few nice hits congrats
Nice break.
NicktheKid is gonna be all over those Tatar's.
If he doesnt need the mozaics, I'm interested.
That does look like a good box. Congrats.
Nice hall and break
This break was eriely similar to the Zenith break I have. Yours was a little better though I think. Nice!
interested in the Wings mozaics
Very nice break, Congrats!!!
(08-22-2011, 08:04 AM)hockeynick1721 Wrote: [ -> ]interested in the Wings mozaics
offer sent....
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