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Full Version: Weekend Trading
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Heading out of town for two weeks and ready to trade ALL weekend. Org is 99% up to date and will be working to update as I go.

Looking for:

2010 Limited - base set, Threads jesey set, and Material Phenom RC Autos.
2011 Prestige - Stars of the NFL jersey set. These are all low end memorabilia pieces.
2010 Topps Magic - need only a few SP's from the base set.
2009 SP Authentic - list of needs is extensive including base set SP's and Rookie Auto/Jerseys to the base set.
2008 UD Masterpieces - down to like 5 SP's needed.
2008 Playoff Prestige - 8 SP's needed!
2008 SP Rookie Edition - need 100 SP's for the base set. Check me if you have them.
As always - working on my HOFer super collection - need a RC and a Auto/Patch or Auto/Jsy of every HOFer. Don't care who they are - send me what you have.

2011 Ali - Event Work set - need 20!
2010 Ringside Autos - need 21.

2010 Topps 206 - SP's from base set - need 3 of each so if you got them, I need them.
Yankee Stadium Legacy Memorabilia set.
08 and 09 A Piece of Hollywood Set - only a few needed for each.
09 UD Prominent Cuts - Hollywood Memorabilia - only need 3 more!

As always, I am trying to get rid of all of my baseball and basketball cards. I don't follow these sports anymore and I can part with any of them. Will trade heavy in your favor on base and inserts and for mid to high end I will be looking for the same in return.

PM me or set up a trade with what you like. All trades will be dropped in mail Monday on way to Airport.

Goal is 20 trades this weekend! Let's get em done!