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Full Version: 2010-11 SP Authentic...Jordan/Lebron Auto...
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I'm just getting back into the game so thought i'd purchase a few boxes to get me going. This was the first one i got stuck into and didn't think it was even worth getting into the others after this...i did of course!!

Key Pulls...

Derrick Rose Holo FX
Walt Frazier Holo FX
Robert Horry Holo FX
Danny Manning Holo FX

Ed Davis - Draft Edition

Bill Laimbeer - By the Letter 123/149

Michael Jordan Supreme Court Authentics - MJ-9 Common


Michael Jordan/ Lebron James - Dual Sign of the times - 10/10

Sorry about the poor quality on the on the Ipad sucks!!

use a program like photobucket to upload pics, i cant see them. sweet hit on the dual auto!!!!
would love to see that dual auto.. been thinking of buying some SPA myself, but pass it up.. don't like the odds for the price paid.. Had bad luck the last few boxes of SPA I bought. haven't bought any SPA since 07-08.. can't afford every product..
cheers fulla...pic's now up, hope it works for ya'll...
(08-19-2011, 03:34 PM)Garrickt Wrote: [ -> ]cheers fulla...pic's now up, hope it works for ya'll...
Picture looks good and clear, thanks and congratulations.
why do I click these 2010-11 Sp Authentic breaks lol everybody has gotten something nice out of these but me! Nice break lol did better than my 2 rookies by the letter.
sick card man!!!!! next time, just copy the img code and paste it in the thread, the pic will show up and people wont have to click on the link, no big deal, just easier for everyone. i would love to have a dual jordan/lebron for my pc.
SICK CARD SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, sweet card. Any pics of the Rose? I really like the SP Authentic line.
wow thats a sick break!..lebron jordan dual auto freakin awesome!
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