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Full Version: looking to trade for rondo or shaq
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i am a huge rondo and shaq fan so i am interested in trading for some of there cards now i generally only collect baseball but if you have some basketball of these guys i would be interested check me out if you do i only have hockey baseball and football to trade though
I have a lot of nice shaq stuff. Refractors, game used, inserts, etc. I don't really do baseball unless you got some HOF stuff.
yes i do too, i have A TON of shaq cards as well as a rondo rookie with at least 75 base cards that ill give to you at a nickle a pop Trade Value.. LMK
brian- yes i do have some vintage stuff so check it out

shaq- yes please check me for what you have
I have a Shaq Auto if you are interested...

You have any baseball or football or basketball hall of fame autos?
check my org..
evil i dont have any auto no but do have some hof
kct open offer sent
Check me for a couple Rondo's.
welcome to the threads agalloch... nice to see new blood!
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