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Full Version: Some recent hits
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Here are a few of my recent hits..........The Lightning are following me as far as future watch patches go I had pulled a Dustin Tokarski just a short while back.......
[Image: apa2.jpg]
[Image: adt.jpg]
pulled this Tyrell a couple of days ago (nice patch)
I hit this today from two packs
[Image: aj1.jpg]
comments always welcomed
Very nice. I love the Shadowboxes. I was lucky enough to pull a Howe auto and trade it for a Crosby auto. Congrats!
amazing pick ups

yeah that Howe is going down now too in the new beckett. 1200-
Love the Miller Shadowbox
Sick patch on the tyrell I am a super collector of him please give me a holler if its for trade!!!!!
dirty patch!
That is the coolest picture of AO.
interested in miller shadowbox if for trade ill send you an offer