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Full Version: 2 Boxes of 2011 Topps Jumbo (both boxes posted now!!)
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After more than 20 years away from the hobby I have purchased my first ever hobby boxes (I don't remember there being a division of retail and hobby back in the late 80's or early 90's). Wish me luck on my breaks. I'll post my results after the breaks.
Good luck any buccaneers mark me down
First box is broken open and it was a very nice welcome back to the hobby. In addition to the large collection of well designed base cards the box also yielded a good majority of the sets 110 rookies cards, as well as a generous helping of nice looking inserts and parallels (usually about 5 inserts or parallels per pack). The best part of it all was that my first box yielded an extra hit. So on to the pictures.

1st Auto

[Image: SCAN0006.jpg]

2nd Auto

[Image: SCAN0008.jpg]

Rookie Patch

[Image: SCAN0007.jpg]

and the the extra hit

[Image: SCAN0004.jpg]

Not too bad if I do say so myself.
Very nice and welcome back to the hobby
Nice break, congrats Smile Welcome back!!!
Any chance any of the items you got may be up for trade?
Welcome back man....Show us the 2nd box when you get a chance!!!
Welcome back. Nice break and awesome bonus hit.
2nd box broke open. The results were better than the 1st box. Still loads of base, rookies, and inserts. I got my 2 autos, a rookie patch, and a psuedo-hit bonus. On to the pics.

The psuedo-hit. #'d 43/55

[Image: SCAN0014.jpg]

my rookie patch.

[Image: SCAN0011.jpg]

my 1st autograph.

[Image: SCAN0010.jpg]

and finally, the 2nd autograph, the big hit.

[Image: SCAN0013.jpg]

A Super Bowl Legends Autograph Gold #'d 10/10!!!!
sweet bradshaw awesome pull and welcome back to the hobby
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